Nutrition is the fundamental cornerstone to human health. Every single reaction, biochemical pathway, and physiological event that takes place in our bodies, requires nutrients at some stage. An elaborate and perfectly organised sequence of vitamins, minerals, fats, and amino acids, allow our bodies to function on a day to day basis. However, when our needs in this area are not met, things can quickly begin to go awry. Therefore it is essential that we pay serious attention to our daily diet. A diet based around whole foods, fruits vegetables, and the right types of fats can be the greatest health insurance we can have. Nutritional supplementation is also a practical tool. It’s a sad fact that in today’s modern world, we cannot rely 100% upon the quality and nutrient
density of even the best fresh produce, due to intensive farming, depleted soils and environmental factors. Coupled with this, we have far greater physical demands placed upon us, meaning that very often our requirements for specific nutrients are higher than they ever have been if we are able to cope physiologically. Nutritional supplements, when used correctly can be a valuable tool in addressing such issues. Government surveys have identified the following groups of people as being at especial risk from low vitamin and mineral intakes: highly active people, menstruating women, vegetarians and vegans, the elderly, slimmers, pregnant and breast-feeding women, smokers, drinkers and faddy eaters.
The 3 pillars Viridian rest on is Purity, Charity and Environment. The Butterfly effect will give our consumers, retailers and suppliers in the health industry the chance to do something small that will make a huge change in somebody’s life. South Africa is seen as a ‘developing country’, but there are thousands of children suffering from malnutrition. A lack of micronutrients can lead to disease and even death – we would like to see children flourish, be healthy and get a good education. The worldwide statistics for malnourished children show shocking results – 450 000 children under five die every year due to zinc deficiency (UNICEF/MI/WHO) – this certainly puts things into perspective


The Viridian Foundation is dedicated to provide for the needs of underprivileged and vulnerable children and babies. What do Viridian SA donate? We do not donate money, we only donate whatever the needs of the baby shelters and children’s homes are. We have firm ethical principles as a company and would like to ensure that the donations are distributed to the children directly. Nicola Muller (Director) and her two sons Connor Muller and Kaiden Muller attend different homes to assist the staff with their duties, hand over any donations needed and give plenty cuddles to the abandoned kids.

Many times they leave in tears, but its all worth it. Connor and Kaiden assist with playing with the kids, feeding them and teaching them games. Some charities are well supported by various Companies, but very few donate “time” and “affection” to these children and assist the staff in their duties, so they too can take a break and get cared for.


Viridian was named as Best Buy in Ethical Consumer magazine and in The Good Shopping Guide. The magazine and annual directory commended us for our commitment to pure ingredients, environmental awareness and charity donations. Ethics continues through our sourcing of ingredients and the manufacturing procedures. We guarantee non-GM, non-irradiated and 100% active ingredients with no nasty additives whatsoever. No added sugars, no colourings or artificial flavourings making our products as clean and pure as they can be.

Be reassured that although we are absolutely against the use of animal testing and do not test any of products or ingredients on animals, the ingredients we choose all have a tradition of safe use in humans. So from the seed to the recycling bank, Viridian Nutrition maintains an ethical philosophy at every stage.


Viridian Nutrition is committed to green business practices, valuing the importance of a minimum footprint on the earth. More than 40% of the Viridian Nutrition range is certified organic by the Soil Association, guaranteeing the provenance and eco-friendliness of the ingredients. At Viridian, we believe the health of the planet and the health of the individual are inextricably linked. Growing organically, avoiding the use of potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals – and having the 100% non-GMO guarantee – offers the best chance of long-term good health to people and to the planet.

All the Viridian fresh organic tinctures and ointments are grown and traditionally made in the UK, reducing the environmental impact of transporting ingredients around the world. Our capsules and organic nutritional oils are produced in the UK, creating local jobs. We use minimum packaging for our products, all made from recycled or recyclable materials, from our glass bottles to the recycled cardboard shipping boxes.

Ethical company Viridian Nutrition has become the first vitamin company in the world to be Certified Palm Oil Free (CPOF).
The Palm Oil Free Certification Accreditation Programme (POFCAP) is the first certification of its kind in the world. Managed by a not-for-profit organisation, the extensive certification process involves thoroughly exploring and tracing all potential palm oil (and its derivatives) ingredients of a product back to its source. Following rigorous assessment, all 200+ Viridian Nutrition’s supplements – the entire range – has been Certified Palm Oil Free.
POFCAP’s goal is to enable consumers who wish to avoid palm oil for allergy, dietary or ethical reasons, to see at a quick glance if a product, company or process is palm oil free. When consumers see the certification trademark on a product’s packaging or as a part of a company’s marketing they know it has been thoroughly researched and certified by an international independent certification trademark programme. The programme also creates a new funding stream to help organisations working on the ground to protect these natural habitats. The CPOF logo features Jabrick – the little orangutan, who was herself a victim of deforestation. Protection of rainforest wildlife is an issue close to Viridian’s heart – The Viridian Nutrition Charity Donation Programme has donated more than £10,000 to the Orangutan Foundation since 1999.





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