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ViridiKid Multivitamin & Mineral mini 90



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NAPPI CODE 711798001 (use this code to claim from medical aid)

Dosage range:

Age 2-6 1 capsule daily

Age 6-12 2 capsules daily

Age 12+ 3 capsules or switch to High Five Multi-Vitamin and Mineral formula


Potential applications: micronutrient support for nervous system and brain function, learning and attention, ADHD / Autistic spectrum disorders e.g. dyslexia / dyspraxia, immune/cell support, allergies, energy / sports application, weight control. Inadequate diets of adolescents.


Known contraindications:

None known.


Useful links:

ViridiKid 100% Omega 3 Oil – provides a perfectly balanced Organic Omega 3 rich oil (also providing omega 6, 9 and other phytonutrients)

Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc powder – a pure form of calcium and magnesium to provide optimum levels of these essential macro-minerals.

Calcium requirements for 4-8 yrs – 800mg / day

9-13 yrs – 800-1200mg / day

14-18 yrs – 1200mg / day

Note: ViridiKid capsules are very small two-piece capsules, which are easy to swallow or can be opened up and sprinkled into food / juice / smoothies for young children if preferred.