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Nopal 100% Organic 90



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500-1500mg one to three times daily (at meal times to enhance fat binding potential and satiety effects) or as recommended by a healthcare professional.


Potential applications

Weight control, metabolic syndrome, glucose dysregulation, inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, and other conditions marked by oxidative stress, constipation, hyperlipidemia, ulcer and dyspepsia, alcohol


hangover, detoxification, sports nutrition – optimising heart rate and supporting overall cardiac performance, dysbiosis (candidiasis), antioxidant support and helping improve nutritional status.


Known contraindications

Not recommended for insulin dependent diabetes unless under supervision by a GP.


Given the fat binding potential of this product it is recommended to include EFAs (1-3tsp daily) from dietary sources and /or from Organic freshly pressed seed oils such as flax, hemp, or an omega 3/6/9 blend.


Useful links

Weight control - use daily along with Organic mineral complex, Green tea and Soul food greens. Nopal used alongside these nutrient dense formulations provides a highly effective means to increase metabolic efficiency, improve glycemic regulation, improve alkalinity, enhance fat burning potential, and support optimum nutrition using these antioxidant and phytonutrient rich wholefoods/botanicals.


Note: Though Nopales are most commonly used in Mexican cuisine in dishes such as huevos con nopales (eggs with nopal), "carne con nopales" (meat with nopal), "tacos de nopales", or simply on their own or in salads with Panela Cheese. Nopales have also grown to be an important ingredient in New Mexican cuisine.