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Cherry Night Powder 150g



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Insomnia is very common and characterized by difficulty falling asleep or maintaining sleep during the night and is accompanied by symptoms such as irritability or fatigue when awake.


Mix one heaped teaspoon into a small amount of water or juice. Drink one hour before bedtime.

For stress, anxiety or severe insomnia, take one-teaspoon morning and night.

For children 2-6 years take half a teaspoon mixed in water or juice. Best taken one hour before bed.

For children 7-12 years take one level teaspoon mixed in water or juice. Best taken one hour before bed.

Not recommended under 2-years unless advised by a health care professional.



There are no known safety issues or side effects with the ingredients in Cherry Night in clinical studies and historical use, suggesting the ingredients are very well tolerated. Although the formula helps improve sleep it is not a sedative and does not cause daytime fatigue or drowsiness.

Due to lack of safety data, this formula is not suitable for use in pregnancy or lactation.



There is a theoretical interaction with sleep medication – use with caution. Possible beneficial interaction as it may improve sleep and reduce reliance on medication.