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Bilberry with Eyebright


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EYE PROTECTOR – Bilberry extracts are rich in a flavonoid known as anthocyanoside, which exerts potent effects primarily through improving blood flow and the delivery of oxygen to the eye. The potent antioxidant effects of Bilberry also protect the eyes from free-radical damage, the causative factor involved in the development of cataracts and macular degeneration. The collagen protecting effects of bilberry also play a significant role in prevention and treatment of various eye conditions.


CIRCULATORY TONIC – Clinical studies have shown good results in the treatment of various circulatory problems through reduced capillary fragility, improving collagen stability, and restoring connective tissue that surround the veins. Reduction in platelet aggregation has also been noted in those using bilberry extracts. This offers benefits in reducing the risk of atherosclerosis and clot formation.


BLOOD SUGAR LOWERING – The anthocyanoside myrtillin, found in bilberry, exerts hypoglycaemic effects with even a single dose exerting beneficial effects lasting several weeks.


ANTI-INFLAMMATORY – Anthocyanosides and other flavonoid compounds found in bilberry prevent the release of inflammatory chemicals such as leukotrienes, histamine and prostaglandins.


EYE TONIC – eyebright exerts broad protective effects on eye health including; styes, eye fatigue symptoms, sensitivity to light, weeping, stinging, and functional eye disorders of muscular and nervous origin. In folk medicine eyebright is used for blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid) and conjunctivitis, and for inflammation of the mouth and throat


ANTI-CATARRHAL – eyebright is an excellent remedy for the problems of mucus membranes. Being astringent and anti-inflammatory it is useful for many conditions and may be used systemically for watery catarrhal conditions of nose, sinus and middle ear.

Dosage - One to three capsules daily.


Potential applications - Eye disorders, retinopathy, macular degeneration, cataract, glaucoma, poor vision, light adaptation, sinusitis, catarrh, elevated cholesterol or triglycerides, gastric ulcer, varicose veins, capillary fragility.


Known contraindications -None noted


Interactions- None noted


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Note: Since the middle ages, Eyebright has been a popular herbal eyewash. In Milton's epic poem "Paradise Lost," the archangel Michael uses Eyebright to restore the health of Adam's eyes. However, eyebright is only suitable for use as an eyewash when it is available as a stand-alone herb.