Californian Poppy Tincture (100% organic) 50ml

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Vegan, Organic
Viridian’s 100% Organic Californian Poppy tincture is made with fresh Eschscholzia californica flowering plant. Certified organic by the Soil Association – better for the planet, better for you.

Potential applications: Stress, nervous tension, insomnia, muscle relaxant, anti-anxiety, hyperactivity, analgesic (pain relief).

Known contraindications: Californian Poppy is not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation.

Interactions: It has been speculated that Californian Poppy use may potentiate monoamine oxidase inhibitors.

Useful links: Hyperactivity – Hemp seed oil (containing GLA), High-Five Multivitamin-Mineral formula, Green Food Blend



Directions: Take 15 – 30 drops, 2 -3 times daily in a little fruit juice or water.  Children under 12, half adult amount.

Ingredient Weight %EC NRV
Eschscholzia californica flowering herb
Organic alcohol

To claim from Medical Aid: NAPPI CODE: 711796001